FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 : How football girls are moving the goalposts - commentaires <span class="caps">FIFA</span> Women's World Cup France 2019 : How football girls are moving the goalposts 2019-06-03T22:22:30Z,29888.html#comment109870 2019-06-03T22:22:30Z <p>«<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>In Brazil, the top league now consists of 16 teams with all the men's team obliged to have a women's team if they are to keep their professional license.<small class="fine d-inline"> </small>»</p> <p>it will be the best solution for developing women's football in our country, even if elite men's clubs have serious financial problems.</p> <p>If they are subsidized by the state and the federation and forced to have a female team each, it will be good for the promotion and development of women's football in Kamerun.</p> <p>This is actually happening in Europe where all male elite clubs also have a women's section, the most famous are among others Olympique Lyonnais who has the best women's football team in the world, Barcelona , Chelsea, Bayern, in short, all the European men's football teams also has a women's team that sometimes has better results than boys like the Lyon women's team which won several leagues of the champions while the boys can not.</p> <p>The solution is to graft and model the development and structuring of women's football on men's football.</p> <p>We must use major world and continental events to promote women's football in the country, <span class="caps">AFCON</span> and World Cup. These events must be used to promote and trivialize the practice of this sport.</p> <p>It is the work of the ministry of sports with that of education and the federation, that must also ensure the protection and reception facilities of young girls wanting to practice this sport and their training.</p>