Coupe du Cameroun édition 2009 : Panthère arrache le trophée 21 ans après - commentaires Coupe du Cameroun édition 2009 : Panthère arrache le trophée 21 ans après 2009-09-15T11:22:57Z,10823.html#comment34555 2009-09-15T11:22:57Z <p>Soccer fans we watched a good finals with many goals but you will accept with me that the finals should have been a better one if its was earlier played with the the same squate that played the qualifies in the likes of Fomen and Bapidis Fils on the side of nzuimanto and those of Astres. Let hence forth a well defined date for the finals be established. Kodas to Mefiro he is one of the rare talents in our soccer scene today. Donpetit the very very</p>