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Cathedra mea regulae meae (My Chair, My Rules)

This scribe hates to remind his select readers that he told them so. Far from gloating, which would be in order, I lament the sorry episode we are living through at the Fecafoot. We are reaching new lows both in terms of government support to public institutions and individual sense of public duty. The Government is failing Mr. Mbombo Njoya. Miserably. Should I remind the whole nation that the person who was elected to the top job at the Fecafoot is unequivocally Mr. Mbombo Njoya ? He now sits in that chair. His rules should prevail. Period.

Le 11 novembre 2020

I did caution against a mandated forced marriage between Mr. Mbombo Njoya and General Semengue. Nobody seems to have heeded my numerous caveats. The duly elected CEO of our football governing body is now the favourite whipping boy for every self-anointed TV pundit and has-been ballplayers, and the Government is demanding that he should blink first. The result is shameful. At this day and age, our nation has no credible organized football being played.

Why is it that in this country we are loath to support our national institutions and cannot give the legally elected officials the authority they need to do their jobs ? Second-guessing Mr. Mbombo plainly undermines not only his authority but also the very credibility of the Fecafoot. That is counter-productive and despicable.

Now I ask this : is there no level-headed person of influence on the land who could call on the other side of the two solitudes to consider stepping back a little bit, just to allow football to regain a fair measure of normalcy ? Just for the sake of personal responsibility, public duty and care for the national interest, the onus is on the other side to blink first.

Léon Gwod



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