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With panache, please...

El Kantaoui, 7 February - I have no qualms about giving Nigeria the full Monty to-morrow. Let Eto’o bare it all and show his nice backside if he so wishes. In fact, I would recommend that the whole star studded Lions squad give the Green Eagles an 11-bum salute after a great win.

Le 7 février 2004

People, this is North Africa, the scene of great wins in the past. The Indomitables used to rule this part of the continent. Remember Kenitra ? How many times did the Lions come around here and blitzkrieg Morocco or Algeria on their way to the World Cup Finals ?

We want a great game. The Lions owe us one. It is no more a matter of just sneaking through to the next round. It is a matter of winning squarely and fairly, with style, the war of wills the Green Eagles are waging against the Lions.

And then, there is respect. These Eagles have never had much respect for us. What do the Lions have to do to get it ? A good beating, with style and flair, will settle this thing once and for a very long time. We have beaten Nigeria on their home turf, we have won this tournament twice in a row, we are comfortably sitting on the 14th rung of the global football ladder, and yet, we do not get respect from these people ? This has to stop.

So go ahead, pluck these disrespectful birds or stuff them as you please. But do it with panache, as you have done in the past in this part of Africa.

L. Ndogkoti


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