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CAN 2004 : Robbed Lions recover property and cash


The four Indomitable Lions who lost cash and some valuables at the hotel in Sousse are lucky to have retrieved almost all...

Le 1er février 2004

Thanks to the police and the intuition of a hotel staff, the thief was caught two days after his act in a nearby hotel. The stolen cash was about 40 million Francs CFA.

But at the police station after his arrest, the thief could not produce 1.3 million Francs CFA and 11.000 Euros in bank notes. All valuables like wrist watches were retrieved but for a DVD.

The affected players were Geremi Njitap, Idrissou Mohamadou, Idriss Kameni and Daniel Ngom kome. The robbery took place when the players were battling out against Zimbabwe on the pitch, in Sfax, about 130km away from Sousse.

The police reported that the thief of Algerian nationality was a client in the hotel. Preliminary investigations show that he had falsified the keys of hotel rooms. A suspected accomplice is on the run.

According to Souad Jaauadi, PRO of El Mouradi Palace Hotel, it was a friend who works in the nearby hotel who helped the police to catch the thief.

“After my friend heard that some of our clients had been robbed, he came over to get the details”, Jaauadi said.

Following a detail explanation of the robbery, Jaauadi’s friend intuitively suspected the Algerian because of his behaviour. The thief, who left El Mouradi the previous day, checked into Jaauadi’s friend hotel and did not appear to have proper behaviour. The police were called in to search his room, where the items and safes he had carted away were found.

The players and officials were happy to have retrieved the great majority of the property and seem to careless about the rest of which have not been found, as investigation continues.

Martin Etonge in Sousse



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