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A Thing of Beauty

Depuis que sur ces bords, les dieux ont envoyé La fille de Minos et de Pasiphaé. (Racine. Phèdre)

Music, only music. Something strange happened to me during the recent Barcelona-Inter game. I encountered sheer poetry, I believe. I dozed off, willingly, with bliss (I admit I also was under the spell of red Bordeaux, a 2000 Lynch-Bages, my favourite Pauillac), and I could actually hear the game. It was a perfect night as I was lying there on my couch, Marie by my side, eyes closed, and the game just got transformed into a symphony of serene and scintillating action. For the first time ever, I simply wished to « hear » a football game played far away, with no desire whatsoever to find out who was doing what.

Le 18 septembre 2009

There is certainly something to be said about winning in football. Winning is everything, they will tell you. I can buy that. Even winning ugly matters. But pray tell me : after watching such a display of talent and mastery of the trade, does anybody care that Barcelona –or Milan for that matter- did not win the game ?

The entertainment side of football that is widely pooh-poohed by a new breed of coaches and executives proved on Wednesday night to be the real driving force of the game. It is not enough to be a competent midfielder or an experienced striker. A football side is not a team of accountants. It is made up of artsy, inventive, creative and certainly mildly crazy individuals whose job is to win and please. I will never pay to watch an accountant balance books nor a mechanic perform a tune-up. But I could kill to have Barcelona play football on my TV every night of every week.

For a scribe and reluctant fan of the Lions like myself, the level of the Barcelona game carries a sobering thought. Consistently and regularly chalking up enormous performances, as Barcelona has demonstrated over a number of years, seems to be out of our reach. Even though the Lions certainly could win the odd game, there are doubts as to our ability to raise our game to the level of purity and beauty we were entertained with last Wednesday. We do not move with that speed and grace ; we have been standing still for a long time. We are almost a wax museum. Admittedly with pulse.

Leonidas Ndogkoti


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  • Le 19 septembre 2009 à 13:41, par Isatman En réponse à : A Thing of Beauty

    Interesting style. Good language and a fair attempt at being poetic. But, in trying (too hard) to be elitist, Leonidas, you dilute your message, strike wrong chords and appear a wee-bit pretentious.

    Football at the root is entertainment. Agreed. However, any professional entertainment only survives where there is result. Result here being gain (winnings, if you please). Barcelona has always played beautiful but when it comes to who is who in the trophy cabins - there is the Great Real Madrid. Small wonder why kids like Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Ribery dream of wearing that jersey.

    Beauty without result is a waste. In two European confrontations this season - Barcelona has been unable to score against an opponent within 90 minutes. It is a warning that many romantics (like you purport to be) seem to sweeping under the carpet. Wake up and smell the coffee, man !

    Last season Chlesea under Hiddink proved for 180 minutes that Barcelona can be beaten. Manchester United did same in the season before. Had Sir Alex maintained the same strategy instead of trying to confront them with open play - Man United may have been the European Champions today.

    Football like any competition is based on strategy. Each competitor has theirs. The key is to emerge victorious. If Barca plays beautifully, ends up with 6 scoreless draws and gets knocked out in the first round of the Champions League, I bet you no-one (and not even you) will be singing their praises.

    If the Indomitable Lions play rugged football ; tight at the back with the occasional brilliance in the middle, while scoring goals up front, and win the Africa Cup of Nations - they shall be remembered for always and revered for generations.

    That is also the beauty of the game. It’s like the world. Each one of us is different. and both report on Cameroon football but their style is distinct. So is life, so is football.

    Trying to sound high and puritan would not change that.

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  • Le 22 septembre 2009 à 13:50, par Wahsih a Deng En réponse à : A Thing of Beauty

    Leonidas !

    Cela fait un bon bout de temps que je te félicite pour la forme et le fond hors-pair dont revêtent tes chroniques sur ce forum de discussions-ci. Ton style est sans doute au-dessus du lot non seulement au Cameroun mais hors du triangle national. Autrement dit, tu n’as absolument rien à envier aux journalistes chevronnés de l’Occident.

    Mais le contenu de la chronique dont nous avons affaire ici laisse à désirer. A mon humble avis, il aurait fallu passer en revue les stratégies adoptées tant par Mourinho que par Guardiola. Et dire sans perdre la face si les objectifs de chacun de deux entraîneurs ont été atteints ou pas.

    Je pense de ma part que l’Inter Milan est une équipe en transition vu le nombre des joueurs que Mourinho a recrutés pendant les transferts estivaux. Le Barca n’a pas revu ses effectifs de la même façon et étendue que l’Inter Milan. Aucune surprise donc que le Barca a quasiment dicté sa loi au milieu de terrain et en attaque lors du dernier match qui l’opposait à l’Inter Milan. Cela étant, c’est plutôt José Mourinho qui a tiré son épingle de jeu à la fin dudit match de foot.

    En passant, je tiens à féliciter le niveau élevé de l’apport de notre frère camerounais Isatman dans sa réplique à ton article. Sa maîtrise de l’anglais et sa présentation montrent sans ambages qu’il est partisan de la communication dite effective. Comme lsatman a laissé entendre, à chacun sa manière ! Ta façon de voir et ta manière de faire ne lèvent aucune équivoque dans la mesure où tu ne laisses rien au hasard – le planning professionnel oblige !

    Le seul point faible dans ta chronique c’est de vouloir comparer les performances d’une machine footballistique comme le Barca aux LIC. Cela équivaut à comparer les atouts d’une équipe comme le Caïman de Douala ou le Yong Sports Academy de Bamenda au Coton Sport de Garoua avec les ressources énormes que détiennent cette dernière formation demi professionnelle. Disposant d’une bonne organisation dans tous les sens du terme et d’un temps de jeu raisonnable pour parfaire les automatismes, je vendrais cher la peau des Lions vis-à-vis de l’actuel champion d’Europe, en l’occurrence, l’Espagne. Le Brésil ne s’en sortira pas non plus facilement face aux LIC car ceux-ci aiment tenir les paris ou relever les défis.

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