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Prime Minister welcomes Indomitable Lions from African Nations Cup in Ghana

Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister, Head of Government, Ephraim Inoni, on the instructions of the Head of State, Paul Biya gave a cock-tail party to the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon, for their brilliant performance at the 24th edition of the African Nation’s Cup, at 4pm on Sunday, after their return at dawn on the same day.

Le 15 février 2008

The Lions won a silver medal after losing to the Pharaoh’s of Egypt zero to one in the highly contested finals in Accra, Ghana on Sunday the 10th of Febraury 2008.

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Welcoming them in royal fashion, at his residence, thronged by authorities and sports fans, the Prime Minister hailed the Lions for « having offered to the continent and to the world the image of a conquering, voluntary, decided team, having offered what he called a beautiful, displaying courage, determination and endurance, » all of which confirms the fact that Cameroon is a great football nation.

The Head of Government, in expressing the gratitude of the Head of State Paul Biya, as well as those of all Cameroonians, made it clear to the lions that though they did not bring back home the coveted trophy, the nation was proud of them, especially given that they high level of the competition, would have seen only tough teams make it to the finals.

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He thus transmitted the congratulations of President Paul Biya and of the entire nation, which promises to continue to give them all the support they need to soar to higher in up-coming competitions like the African Nations Cup billed for 2010 in Angola.

Otherwise, Chief Inoni disclosed that the government is bracing up for more professional football by increasing the quantity and quality of stadia in the country.



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