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Alex Song : « That’s not true »

Publié le 8 novembre 2010

Before Alex leaves to resume his rehab,there’s time for him to put the record straight on something that has been in the news lately- did he ask cameroon captain Samuel Eto’o for the same watch he gave to usain bolt ?

No, I have never ask for a watch from anybody at any time, he states firmly . The cameroon team all received watches from Samuel Eto’o during the world cup, but i was not the instigator . He told everyone in the squad he would buy us a watch each if we qualified for the world cup, but now he is saying that I went to him at the end of the morocco game when we qualified, saying that wanted the same watch he bougth usain bolt. That’s not true , I didn’t even speak to him after the game. Why would i say that ? I thank god that i am in a good position today that if I want to give anything to my familly , I can . I don’t know why someone would say this . "

Source Arsenal Magazine


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