May His Days Be Few (Psalm 109:8)

Mr. Ben Modo is by all accounts a tough nut to crack. The erstwhile cleric, a notorious loud-mouthed schnook as I can recall, who disappeared from Cameroonian radars quite a while back, has just resurfaced as a benevolent provider of modern soccer facilities, complete with synthetic turf, video producing units, hotels, catering and entertainment halls.

Le 2 juillet 2016

Mr. Ben Modo is President and CEO of Potomac Global, a US-based and registered concern, address and track record unverifiable, that has committed itself to delivering in six months at least 4 stadiums to its only client, the Fédération camerounaise de football.

In all fairness, I should suspend my disbelief. After all, miracles do happen. So, let miracles happen. But in the meantime, I am forced to acknowledge that the credibility of this fuzzy set-up of which the principal cog is Mr. Ben Modo is next to zero. You cannot expect to make believe that you can build a stadium when it is well established that you have never built one nor anything close to a stadium. We know that and the Fédération camerounaise de football knows that. So, pray tell, why pick Mr. Ben Modo ? Better yet : how was this man picked to lead a worthy endeavour like building sports facilities we so badly need ?

Suspicion in the minds of Cameroonians is well founded in a case like this. You cannot fault them for believing that there is something fishy going on, that as usual we are being sucked in, that as usual some people are selling hot air and reaping big rewards. The people who brought Mr. Ben Modo to this deal are the issue. We cannot believe that they are pulling a stunt like this without a hidden agenda.

As for the pastor, a likable bloke mind you, we pray that his days be few and short on Cameroonian soil on this business. Of course we wish him no physical harm, rather we pray that far away from here, he may live a long life and die an old man and full of days (Job 42:17).

Léon Gwod


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  • Le 3 juillet 2016 à 19:15, par Mystic En réponse à : May His Days Be Few (Psalm 109:8)

    Vous qui faites le bruit la, qui vous dit que le redacteur de l’article n’a pas de preuve de ce qu’il dit ?

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  • Le 2 juillet 2016 à 18:19, par Iceman En réponse à : May His Days Be Few (Psalm 109:8)

    Comme les premiers intervenants l’on dit ; un article qui ne se fonde sur rien ; absolument rien.
    Aucune descente sur le terrain, aucune recherche sur internet. En deux clique je suis parvenu à trouver ceci sur internet :

    Prime Potomac Global
    1350 Avenue of the Americas
    2nd Floor - Ste 424
    New York, NY 10019
    Phone : 212-843-1480
    Fax : 212-634-7474
    Email :

    Celà n’éloigne pas la crédibilité de zéro soit ! mais tout de même celà infirme l’assertion du journaliste qui prétend que la dite entreprise n’a même pas une adresse.

    Selon les termes du Deal qui ont été rendu publique, la Fécafoot n’a rien à perdre. l’argent n’est débloqué qu’une fois les travaux livrés.

    A quoi çà sert de dénoncer, de crier à l’incompétence, à l’usurpation et je ne sais à quoi. il n’ ya qu’ a attendre six mois c à d Janvier voire Février 2017 pour conclure qu’il n’a pas tenu ses promesses. nous n’aurons perdu que du temps et rien d’autre. S’il faut condamner des gens qui nous font perdre du temps...

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  • Le 2 juillet 2016 à 17:07, par omar En réponse à : May His Days Be Few (Psalm 109:8)

    I think the time we are given to wait is not long. Let’s wait and see !

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  • Le 2 juillet 2016 à 14:16, par PATRIOT En réponse à : May His Days Be Few (Psalm 109:8)

    What is the essence of this write up ? Bring some factual evidence or go to the sites where work is said to be going on and bring images showing that no work is taking place or been poorly carried out. I do no know him, but i cannot judge him from the fact that he has not been around for a long time. Is he having any issues with the law ? Besides, he said he a developer company, this means that he doesn’t need to have the expertise but just needs to have the right managerial skills to recruit the right company to do the job. Be a journalist that informs the people not create doubt in the minds of your audiences. This is the worst article i have ever come across on this site which i am a daily user.

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